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Number of products: 431

Amber remains one of the most frequently used materials for crafting exquisite jewelry. Amber pendants captivate the imagination with their splendor, exuding positivity and warmth.

Ukraine boasts abundant amber reserves. Ukrainian amber stands out from Baltic amber due to its diverse color range, which makes it more highly prized.

Within Ukraine, there are three amber deposits. Two are situated in the Rivne region, and one in Volyn. The reserves exceed 100 tons! Officially, only two deposits are actively mined: one in Volyn and the other in Rivne. This stone holds immense value and is widely employed in creating various jewelry pieces.

Amber has captured attention across epochs. Amber pendants are commonplace jewelry adored by many women. Crafted in gold and silver, these pendants come in various shapes, often adorned with amber stones, presenting exquisite aesthetics.

The uniqueness of this stone inspires jewelers to manifest their boldest fantasies. The resulting creations are utterly captivating and impossible to overlook. You can purchase amber pendants in Ukraine through our online store, offering a rich variety of shapes and hues of this stone. Ukrainian amber jewelry epitomizes elegance and style.

It's well-known that amber jewelry isn't just beautiful but also beneficial for health. Its benefits are particularly noticeable for thyroid conditions. Doctors recommend wearing amber necklaces or pendants as the resin contains a high level of succinic acid. This compound penetrates the skin, aiding the healing process within the body.

Wearing amber pendants, you'll immediately sense an endless surge of energy! It feels as if a newfound strength emerges, allowing you to engage in various activities from morning till night without feeling fatigued.

Amber has been revered as a magical stone since ancient times. Today, its beneficial properties no longer surprise anyone. Hence, an amber pendant makes the perfect gift for any woman. Throughout history, girls and women adorned themselves with amber jewelry, considering it an excellent remedy for sore throats. European physicians were aware of its beneficial properties, often prescribing amber powder for migraines, ulcers, and asthma. At times, they even added it to ointments. Chinese physicians would mix amber with opium, using it as an analgesic and sedative.

Several sanatoriums worldwide incorporate precious stones in patient treatments. The practice originated in Ancient India, where these stones were believed to harness positive energy. Even today, these assumptions find validation. Hence, amber pendants offer not just exquisite adornment but also substantial benefits for the body.

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