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Amber and its derivative, amber acid, have been renowned for their healing properties for millennia. They effectively treat numerous illnesses and alleviate pain, leading adults to consciously acquire products made from this sunlit stone to shield themselves from various afflictions.

However, not many are aware that children also benefit from the protective and healing qualities of this stone. Take, for instance, the significant phase when infants start teething, causing many worries and anxieties for both parents and the child. In several advanced countries worldwide (such as Canada and Western European nations), pharmacies and baby stores easily offer homeopathic remedies to ease a child's distress.

Amber necklaces for children serve as a natural analgesic that won't harm your little one due to its gentle effects! The teething process will proceed smoothly and without repercussions.


Since ancient times, amber necklaces have been used to treat numerous ailments. They possess a broad spectrum of therapeutic properties: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and general fortification. Additionally, upon contact with the skin, the stone releases a minimal amount of amber acid, absorbed by the body, which exhibits detoxifying effects.

Many parents prefer treating children with natural remedies to shield them from exposure to "chemicals." A necklace made of this sunlit stone can significantly reduce or even entirely eliminate the use of medicinal remedies.

The advantages of amber teething necklaces are most relevant when a child has a weakened immune system, allergies, or infectious diseases. These necklaces become a natural immune-boosting and protective tool.


From ancient times, it was customary to gift infants necklaces that would strengthen their still-fragile bodies. Around the age of 3-4 months, such a necklace was crucial during the teething period. The earlier a child wears this therapeutic accessory, the quicker they adapt to it, and the sooner it starts affecting their system.

Teething necklaces for little ones adhere to all necessary safety standards: they are finely polished and cannot harm the child, the screw clasp made of amber plastic won't irritate delicate skin but securely fastens the necklace, and the durable necklace thread has been thoroughly tested. Moreover, each piece is unique, handcrafted from beads of distinctive shapes.

These necklaces for toddlers come in a wide range of shades and diverse designs, suitable for both girls and boys. Thanks to the sunny thread, they appear stylish and original.

A child can wear them for as long as the initial size allows. However, it's essential not to leave the child unattended while wearing the necklace. For safety reasons, it's advisable to move the accessory onto the child's ankle overnight.


What could be more valuable than an accessory that possesses healing properties? Amber—a natural homeopathic remedy—is designed to alleviate the painful process of teething. With constant wear of amber beads, the likelihood of symptoms such as cheek swelling and redness, diarrhea, fever, and increased salivation significantly diminishes.

Thanks to these baby necklaces, there's no need for medicinal drugs. These beneficial children's accessories become a real salvation! Additionally, the magical properties of amber—reliable protection against the evil eye—make these amber necklaces truly useful for a little one in their early years!

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